What's Ai Lanh about? 
Hi, my name is Island. Ai Lanh is my personal blog where I mostly share my interests in street fashion, editorials, photography and any other artistic aesthetics I may fancy. I am heavily drawn to my Asian heritage and would mostly post about Asian street fashion as I believe it is not depicted enough in Western media for their fashionable styles.

What's the meaning of Ai Lanh?
Ai Lanh is my Vietnamese name, a deconstructed pronunciation of 'Island' which resulted in having a meaning of its own. Ai, meaning 'love'. Lanh, meaning 'kindness'. I live by these two attributes and therefore decided to name my blog 'Ai Lanh' as this website represents me.

How do you pronounce Ai Lanh?
Ai: say out loud the letter 'I'
Lanh: say 'Sun', replace S with L
But to all you Vietnamese folks, this is for you: Ái Lành

Thank you for stopping by! :)
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