Who am I?
My name is Island (also known as Isla) and this is my personal website. You may be puzzled about my name, however that really is my name and is pronounced exactly how you would read it. I was born in Palawan, an island in the Philippines. I was raised in Sydney, Australia, but to make things more confusing, I'm ethnically Vietnamese.

What's Ai Lanh about? 
Ai Lanh is my personal blog where I mostly share my interests in fashion, beauty, editorials, photography and any other artistic aesthetics I may fancy. This is my creative outlet to introduce you to my world of interests and hobbies.

What's the meaning of Ai Lanh?
Ai Lanh is my Vietnamese name, a deconstructed pronunciation of 'Island' which resulted in having a meaning of its own. Ai, meaning 'love'. Lanh, meaning 'kindness'. I live by these two attributes and therefore decided to name my blog 'Ai Lanh' as this website represents me.

How do you pronounce Ai Lanh?
Ai: say out loud the letter 'I'
Lanh: say 'Sun', replace S with L
But to all you Vietnamese folks, this is for you: Ái Lành

Thank you for stopping by! :)
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