Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Fashion Trends for 2019

With the ever expanding of the digital space, especially in social media, creatives are more than ever taking advantage of these platforms to unleash their unique styles. I'm seeing a lot of ongoing trends amongst fashion influencers to the point it has become over saturated, but I'm not one to complain as these trends are chic and classic.


How many of you only just found out the true terminology of these hair clips being called Barrettes? Me. Who else as a child had their mothers decorate their hair with metal clips because you were a girl and it instantly made you cute? Also me. For those who like to sprinkle their hair with a bit of love of hair jewellery then barrettes is the trend of 2019. It has been brought back into style with a splash of elegance. Some decked out in textured resin, pearls, crystals and even text. Don't underestimate the trend, though. A barrette from Gucci is selling at $530 AUD

Statement Sleeves

Puffy balloon sleeves are here to slay. The style is heavily inspired by the Victorian fashion era from Britain in the 1830's. I love how even in this modern age the style is preserved to keep it contemporary for a wearable approach. The Victorian era is one of my favourite fashion eras as it nurtures a sense of femininity and romanticism with corsets, bows and ruffles. Statement sleeves will forever be a timeless accent in fashion and I believe it will continue to be a trend in the more years to come.

Emerald Green 

Last season we had a lot of marigold yellows and hues of burnt orange, this season I am seeing a lot of green shades and dark turquoise. Retail visual merchandisers are on the trend as window displays and new collection launches are filled with lots of greenery.

With the remaining six months of 2019, I'm looking forward to seeing how these trends will play and what other new trends will progress into 2020.

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