Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Backpack: Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Soft Backpack Watch: Similar Lipstick: Nars Jungle Red  Baker Boy Cap: Ruslan Baginskiy Sunglasses: Lennon Sunglasses Boots: Raye Landon Boot Crop Top: Khatie fitted cropped tank top Skirt: Miu Miu Ponte Mini Skirt

I know it's not the weekend but I haven't curated a weekend styling in so longThe reason being my 2 favourite sources closed down - Polyvore and Fashiolista. I was devastated when Fashiolista shut down because it was my favourite platform to search for clothes to curate my collages. It was in the stages of upgrading and tweaking minor changes, until one day I visited the site again only to be welcomed with a 'we'll be back' landing page and then they disappeared altogether without any warning. We all know what happened to Polyvore when SSENSE suddenly acquired the company and til this day the parent company hasn't explained to why they shut down. So with these two regular platforms gone I had nothing to work with. I did try to gather other similar sources but there wasn't much variety of items to work with or it just felt very limited. 

I recently discovered URSTYLE which was created to be the second home for Polyvore users. Thankfully it has a similar interface and I can now get back to curating my styles again. Phew! However I will never get over Fashiolista....

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