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W Korea - Daily Illusive Pictorial

krystal, kai, taemin, wkorea, july, 2015 kai, krystal, taemin, wkorea

W Korea Magazine surprised KPop fans with a special digital pictorial which featured Krystal, Kai and Taemin back in July, 2015. I follow a lot of pictorials from Korean magazines such as those from High Cut and Dazed & Confused Korea, however this particular pictorial left me amazed due to the styling and photography direction.

I have to say, Krystal is the bae when it comes to photoshoots. She works every single concept that is given to her, which is why she's a favourite of mine when it comes to modelling. I'm sure she's a favourite amongst other editors in Korea because I believe this is her #6737438 photoshoot to date. If you check her Instagram, you'll notice she's very influenced by art and the 90's, so it's easy to assume she's most comfortable with concepts like these.

kai, krystal, taemin, wkorea

I've read the pictorial was inspired by the movie 'The Dreamers' but there was never any confirmation on that. I'll just interpret it as a group of close friends seeking new adventures together.

Photography: Min Hee Jin
Stylist: Kim Ye Jin
Photo: W Korea 

This was by far my most favourite pictorial released that year. The colours, the styling, the clothes - everything was on point. The way the behind the scenes video was filmed and the editing style was very pleasing to my eyes.

Behind The Scenes

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