Sunday, 25 October 2015

Styles seen at Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 - Part 1

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 is over and now it's time to look back on the eye-drooling styles and other happenings that occurred throughout the week.

lee ho jung, seoul fashion week s/s 2016I have a slight obsession with baseball caps and here we have YGK+ model Lee Ho Jung serving it well.

seoul, seoul fashion week, 2016Loving the tones.

seoul, seoul fashion week, 2016
hanbok, seoul, seoul fashion week, 2016
A very 'street' twist on the Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, while Sporting sneakers and galaxy prints on the skirts.

seoul, seoul fashion week, 2016, streetper

seoul sisters, 2016, seoul fashion week, DDP

seoul, 2016, beret, fashion week
seoul, fashion week, 2016
seoul, fashion week, 2016, streetper

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